Go trekking this summer

first_imgRupika, 33, emailed to ask how she can stick to her workout routine when travelling. You have a regular fitness routine you’ve stuck with all year. Here come the holidays, and wreck your well-planned exercise regimen. But if you prioritise fitness and are flexible, you can manage things easily. A few tips:1. Use the outdoors and get moving. You could go for a walk through a specific neighbourhood or for a trek, since you mentioned that you are going to the hills. How about getting a group together for some tag races while you get that heart rate going?2. Break up your workout. Segment your workout into three 10-minute sessions that you can squeeze in each morning, noon and evening. Use the time you do have, even if it is five minutes.3. Have a plan B. If something thwarts your best intentions, have a backup plan. For example, tell yourself, ‘Tomorrow, I will walk at 4 pm, but if I’m still shopping, I’ll do it at 6:30 pm.’ If you typically exercise in the evening, you may want to switch your routine to mornings just during the holidays.4. Set realistic goals. Instead of working out five times a week, you may have to settle for three.Always have a pair of running or walking shoes with you, along with a set of light hand-held weights, and a clean pair of socks. If all else fails, you have the minimum equipment necessary to get in a walk.What matters is your total calorie consumption and the total calories expended over the entire holiday period. One or two splurges aren’t going to derail your efforts, so go ahead and have fun.advertisementNeesha Maria Bukht is a certified fitness trainer from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). She works with Talwalkars Gym, Mumbai. Bukht writes regularly on fitness and is also a certified dietician. Write to her at Neesha.b@preventionindia.comlast_img

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