Thinking of embargos and to the Shanghai earthquake caused the site right down

the Shanghai dragon ER told me that this domain has a history of over 3 years, last April and March this year has been revised two times, in March this year after revision, love Shanghai website and web site keywords ranking fell heavily, but after a period of time, and do some back, before June 22nd, fell in love with the sea included in the amount reached 4830, Shanghai love weight is 2, that he had weathered the shock period of the revision.

                from the June 22nd start of the "love Shanghai earthquake", although Shanghai says "love search traffic" this upgrade will affect only 5%, for each site is down right, it suffered heavy losses. But it must be pointed out that the loss is inevitable, it is down right should be concerned about is how to use this as an opportunity to adjust the website operation strategy, to be K, is right down the website to see the light. There is an old saying: "it is not to say" read more

What kind of website is conducive to improve the conversion rate of it

what kind of website is helpful to improve the conversion rate of


is more than four issues of common enterprise website, your enterprise site if there are these problems? The development of electronic commerce, network marketing is the future trend of the internet. I hope you have the potential demand, seize the opportunity to make their businesses strive for further improvement of sales performance. The sale by flying the studio staff to explain in detail:

2, there is no interaction.

4, the selling point is not outstanding, can not attract people. read more

Analysis of the external connection construction of stable growth strategy

fourth, website links. The correlation between the site >

second, forum signature outreach. At present I had to deny the weight of forum signature outreach has been reduced a lot, but high quality website signature can not only improve our website related domain and love Shanghai has a very important significance for the website to attract love Shanghai spiders, so I suggest the best forum signature for proper operation, long-term accumulation is undoubtedly the site be of great advantage. The author, a few forum signature good website, the first web forum, a push, the laggards and so on the weight of the site is very high, as long as your article does not violate the rules, outreach stability forum signature is very high, which is why a lot of people happy. read more

Adhere to the original content, half the website finally right down

when he thought it was imitation station in addition to the problem, so listen to the advice of friends, to modify the CSS file name. I try to modify a few, but because he is not very understanding of the CSS, so did not stick to it. Want to find a friend to help, but also without success. So the name of the CSS file almost without any change.

love Shanghai encyclopedia charge in this industry, love the Shanghai encyclopedia official must know, although they made no announcement against the charges but love the Shanghai encyclopedia, encyclopedia marketing from other aspects of water, can be determined explicitly, the official is absolutely against it. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love > read more

Love Shanghai Lee establish the website search crawl habit

1, simple and clear

(5) and the directory subdomain choose to believe that there are a large number of owners of doubt, in our opinion, when the content is less and content related suggestions to achieve a higher degree in the format of the catalog, to inherit and convergence weight; when the internal capacity and more and master degree of correlation is slightly worse suggested to the subdomain form to achieve.

(3) appearance of the users and machines can be judged through URL theme page content; read more

Keywords ranking changes first check whether the site is cheating

if I were rivals, I want to seize your website ranking, then I will take a simple method, that is to use the site outside the chain, buy a machine group, every day thousands of tens of thousands of Posts out this site outside the chain every day you will at least increase more than 500, adding a few.

two, check the website

, check the website chain

if your competitors too smart, want to Zhengkua your first method is a lot for your site to increase the anti chain, we can buy the website to see a lot of 1 yuan in the link with many links, if your competitors against you, so just need to buy the site to spend 100 yuan money to buy 100 chain garbage in these links, so your website in Shanghai love eyes is a waste site, if not dealt with, then your website ranking may change, and your competitors website latecomers become the first. read more

Analysis and website ranking six factors not related

, friends of the chain by K in the end will not affect your site’s ranking? Then analyzed the influence factors, there is still very limited (of course, this is just a number refers to a chain you suffer punishment rarely, only one or two, rather than to a group. If the quantity is slightly larger, your website ranking drop is granted). Just say why was the relationship between K and his friends of the chain website ranking drop not too big. Because in my opinion a few friends of the chain of punishment is normal, a sophisticated search engine is not possible because several links are K to seal another station, if so, to be worse, we can go against his rival site, with a station to link and competitors then, deliberately K competition site in accordance with the previous statement is bound to be affected. However, this method is not possible. When it comes to their website ranking drop, in addition to our own query chain is not large when problems arise, more should pay attention to their website content is not updated in a timely manner and other issues, not only to think of a chain, a handful of friends of the chain of punishment in the author’s opinion is not likely to be the main reasons for the decline in ranking websites. read more

About Shanghai dragon blog optimization


blog at depth

?According to the

search engine optimization keywords, you choose, is based mainly around. What write on your blog in the decision, you should first decide what you are going to a keyword or keyword. Keywords can be a difficult problem, and put forward a lot of problems, your goal is a lot of traffic, you have little or even no chance the ranking is very good, or you choose a moderate level of keywords, the accumulation of small flow, but the key word is more related to the flow of Shanghai Dragon is? Not always much traffic, but how about the traffic. Normally, you need more relevant traffic to increase CTR and conversion rate (CTR). Therefore, when the keyword try to think about your customers search and use as a basis for your blog. read more

Hefei Shanghai Dragon love Shanghai not update, Adsense silent

may?This article is a discussion of

last night at the A5 forum sent a post, on the sea with long time not updated may cause (add 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-2851158-1-1.html). Replies are as follows:

Figure Figure two: the case of

@ is very clear answer, had to bow in people under the eaves, sometimes also need a low-key Shanghai dragon.

2, not more last night my station to K.

has a long time love no updates to the large scale in Shanghai. More is the K station, daily non-stop small scale adjustment, a keyword one day several ranking occurred frequently. The new station, network company presentation, are looking forward to have a good sign of love Shanghai. From another perspective, since the two special cases of the Shanghai Dragon (LY, LWH) by K, a number of local Hot Blog is down right after, most of the webmaster may think of the same problem, uncontrollable Shanghai dragon ranking, Shanghai dragon where is the way to read more

Domain name will provoke catastrophe, bad love caused by Shanghai not included

if the site was not love Shanghai included, but is a serious problem, not only to the construction site with worry, enterprises or individuals funded the development of the site is more worried.

The reason !

link command:

three, problem domain can let the spider crawling difficulties, there is big problem domain more let love do not give Shanghai included.

, a good domain name can make the website more quickly was collected and ranking advantage;

when we determined from the domain name service provider registration or from the hands of others to buy the domain name, for optimization considerations, so before buying must determine the domain name is search engine (love Shanghai, noble baby) K (although the domain name is K or by some measures so that the domain name search engine approved, but it would undoubtedly need to invest some time and energy) read more

Detailed personal the sad memoriesLiu Qiangdong China’s entrepreneurs in the capital market prone to

Abstract Liu Qiangdong said successful entrepreneurs do two things: first, manage their own business, and two, learn how to deal with capital. Chinese entrepreneurs are prone to three types of mistakes: first, cheating, second is blind, and third is reluctant to go to a good law firm.

of course, I say we can only represent these small roots, those sites, large team, may have their own organizations, have their own employees, so as long as a good grasp of the direction of a large enough, we like what things need to be witnessed by read more

After repeatedly being refused by the United States, he founded a $18 billion Silicon Valley compani

in May 29, 2000, Forbes magazine published an article entitled "best investor" The Best VCs". The magazine editor interviewed investors, entrepreneurs, and FA to find out who is the best investor in their eyes". Here is the beginning of the article:

in Mehrotra’s own words:

Mehrotra studied computer science and electronic engineering at Berkeley, finally completed a master’s degree, and found himself on the "hobby chip design". After graduation, he was Intel’s hiring, where he met SanDisk co-founder Eric · Halali Eli Harari. read more

How can the user to issue the contents of love

? There are many methods of

how do you know what users love what

2, so straight to the point, line, chastity can be like water. Don’t you feel in writing to the user, but at the time of writing the feeling that you are in dialogue with the user. I can think of, when the user see my article will be what kind of feeling, such a question will answer with your users promote exchanges, resonate with users. To use your sincerity to play.

1, a quasi good enough to attract the attention of the title. read more

How should update the station in 2013

, timing quantitative update is of the past many Shanghai Longfeng workers comply with the doctrine, including a lot of Shanghai dragon is also head of the daily demands of his hair every day how many articles, how much the chain station. This is a very popular but not very tide.


seems punishment love Shanghai foreign chain is very big, but it has not given up on the content of the website evaluation. In fact, the content of the website is the most fundamental thing is a website, users are most concerned about things, love Shanghai is impossible to ignore. Then, in 2012, after 2013, how to update the station? Some experiences and questions we combined 2012 to look at the 2013 update station. read more

A snapshot of uncanny K station The webmaster you know a lot about the snapshot


compared to the snapshot update slow snapshot is obviously a more terrible thing. Because according to the operation experience everyone’s point of view, once the snapshot file, then your website is likely to be plucked or directly by K off, so as long as there is a snapshot, some owners began to confusion, in fact until now have a very authoritative interpretation, in fact, in my opinion, a the important web snapshot in the search engine database often save multiple copies of web page, these snapshots crawl time is not the same, and in some extreme cases, the search engine may select different from when the snapshot version of the previous search results, resulting in the snapshot time back, so the snapshot is not the site will be directly equated with K, if you are regular warfare, then a reasonable run should not be a problem, as long as the attention optimization under normal The process can be, because you have the snapshot is likely because of love and Shanghai data update synchronization caused, and for some black station may be more serious problem. Itself no quality at all. read more

Do website optimization keywords ranking also do what

the concept of sincere Guangzhou Shanghai dragon traffic sources can also be found in most or from the long tail and other recently, that is also true for most sites, for large shopping business station, long term traffic sources more occupy the important position, and the long tail expanding and development. This is we do stand worthy of reference and learning.

Improved The analysis of The optimization and expansion of

4. upgrade website overall weight, rarely see a site overall weight are good, often are included in the poor and so on, this need for home page key ranking after using the chain to drive the inside page links, we do need to change the chain with only the first page used. read more

Unfamiliar Street stopped privatization, the stock price rose continuously, the market value of near

the evening of August 18th, announced the unfamiliar street special committee under the board of directors of the independent group received the notification letter including co-founder, chairman and CEO Tang Yan, decided to withdraw the privatization of non binding offer submitted in June 23, 2015. After this announcement, unfamiliar street stock prices have been rising for days. U.S. Eastern time at 16:00 on August 23rd Beijing time on August 24th 04:00, unfamiliar street rose 14.38%, to close at $19.80, the market value approaching $4 billion. read more

Feasibility analysis of money onlineLittle brother directed traffic and profits products will be pop

especially for the beginner, really want to create their own careers through the network, must solve the following four questions.

in fact Wangzhuan industry, as long as the choice of the right direction, choose the right way, money is very easy, engaged in formal Wangzhuan really low-key in money, muffled money. For the novice, what is the formal Wangzhuan, may have doubts, here we teach black brother simple judgment method.

The following

policy >

, of which the regular operation, making big money projects are based on sales of products, services. read more

s A a blessing or a curse Guiding them into morality may avert disasterProgrammers dare not use sh

days ago, according to media reports, sharing the charge treasure if criminals cheated, may lead to the user’s mobile phone remote hijacking, and endanger the user’s information security and financial security.

although this does not mean sharing service enterprises engaged in charging treasure will be malicious hijacking of mobile phone users, but the potential security risk to these enterprises or platform concerned, and to prevent in product design.

long ago, people began to dream of making intelligent machines. But for so long, it has been a dream for mankind, and has never been a reality. Today, the era of intelligent machines is coming. A robot with high intelligence is independent of human control and can do all kinds of work independently. At the same time, they have the ability to really make choices independently. If the robot has the capacity to choose, so they can make ethical decisions? Moreover, robot moral standards should be what kind of? Is the same with the human society’s moral standards read more

Ali alliance released yahoo! Directional promotion; optimization; suggestionThe core content of stat

we hope that these suggestions will help you. As long as you bravely try to adjust the advertising position, you will find unexpected results.
the optimization proposal is to help you?

respected Ali alliance publisher, Hello!

How has the advertising effect changed after the

please place Yahoo on more web pages of the site! Bidding code, rather than just limited to the home page, in fact, each of the pages, forums, pages can be put on competitive advertising, especially the text rich content pages, the effect will be better. read more