Writing a SQL Query to run in Hadoop Pt5 : Hive

first_imgIn previous posts in this series I explored the steps in writing an existing SQL query to instead run in Hadoop as a Map Reduce Job. These blog posts very much complement the slides from my session at Oracle Openworld 2012.This series would not be complete however without mentioning other alternatives for achieving the same aim, notably Hive and Pig. here I will focus on Hive mainly as there is already detailed information on TPC-H queries including query 1 to run on Pig here. Pig provides a script based approach to writing Map Reduce jobs whereas Hive uses a SQL like interface and therefore for this particular example translating a SQL Query Hive is the most appropriate tool here without necessarily assuming that it would be better for all circumstances.Hive automatically translates a language called HiveQL a subset of SQL into Map Reduce jobs enabling you to take advantage of your existing SQL skills, there are limitations however and Hive for example does not support all of the SQL functionality available in a relational databases such as correlated subqueries.To use Hive you need to download and install the additional Hive package. When you run Hive you are presented with a Hive prompt with the first stage being to define the table to query. This example uses the data loaded in Pt1 of this blog series whilst noting that Hive does not support all of the data types available in an Oracle database.nCREATE EXTERNAL TABLE lineitem (L_ORDERKEY INT,L_PARTKEY INT,L_SUPPKEY INT,L_LINENUMBER INT,L_QUANTITY INT,L_EXTENDEDPRICE DOUBLE,L_DISCOUNT DOUBLE,L_TAX DOUBLE,L_RETURNFLAG STRING,L_LINESTATUS STRING,L_SHIPDATE STRING,L_COMMITDATE STRING,L_RECEIPTDATE STRING,L_SHIPINSTRUCT STRING,L_SHIPMODE STRING,L_COMMENT STRING) ROW FORMATDELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘|’LINES TERMINATED BY ‘\n’ STORED AS TEXTFILELOCATION ‘/user/input/tpch/256’;nWith the table defined you can then run your SQL at the Hive prompt. The main modification is the simplification of the l_shipdate field. Also knowing the characteristics of the Job we set the number of reducers to 1 before the query is run with the following example output.nhive> set hive.exec.reducers.max=1;hive> select     >  l_returnflag,     >  l_linestatus,     >  sum(l_quantity) as sum_qty,     >  sum(l_extendedprice) as sum_base_price,     >  sum(l_extendedprice * (1 – l_discount)) as sum_disc_price,     >  sum(l_extendedprice * (1 – l_discount) * (1 + l_tax)) as sum_charge,     >  avg(l_quantity) as avg_qty,     >  avg(l_extendedprice) as avg_price,     >  avg(l_discount) as avg_disc,     >  count(*) as count_order     > from lineitem     > where l_shipdate <= '1998-08-11'    > group by l_returnflag, l_linestatus     > order by l_returnflag, l_linestatus;Total MapReduce jobs = 2Launching Job 1 out of 2…Hadoop job information for Stage-1: number of mappers: 297; number of reducers: 12012-09-06 16:36:20,579 Stage-1 map = 0%,  reduce = 0%2012-09-06 16:36:49,465 Stage-1 map = 1%,  reduce = 0%, Cumulative CPU 311.34 sec…2012-09-06 16:40:10,495 Stage-1 map = 100%,  reduce = 100%, Cumulative CPU 5565.64 sec…Launching Job 2 out of 2…Hadoop job information for Stage-2: number of mappers: 1; number of reducers: 12012-09-06 16:40:14,217 Stage-2 map = 0%,  reduce = 0%…2012-09-06 16:40:20,425 Stage-2 map = 100%,  reduce = 100%, Cumulative CPU 1.77 sec…MapReduce Jobs Launched: Job 0: Map: 297  Reduce: 1   Accumulative CPU: 5565.64 sec   HDFS Read: 0 HDFS Write: 0 SUCESSJob 1: Map: 1  Reduce: 1   Accumulative CPU: 1.77 sec   HDFS Read: 0 HDFS Write: 0 SUCESS…OKA F 3775127758 5.660776097194458E12 5.377736398183936E12 5.59284742951593E12 25.499370423275426 38236.116984304950.050002243530958 148047881N F 98553062 1.4777109838598007E11 1.4038496596503482E11 1.4599979303277582E11 25.501556956882876 38237.1993888045250.049985284338051675 3864590N O 7318871052 1.09746348095171E13 1.0425912729393264E13 1.084295716582229E13 25.499840883624667 38236.9684354666460.04999754512223738 287016342R F 3775724970 5.661603032745331E12 5.378513563915406E12 5.593662252666915E12 25.50006628406532 38236.697258452910.050001304339683 148067261nIt is interesting to observe that the job ran as 2 map reduce jobs instead of the one for the Job written by hand. Nevertheless the result was the same and the completion time as similar. However Hive significantly saved on the time it took to write the initial MapReduce Job to do the same thing. Consequently anyone looking to Hadoop  should certainly consider tools such as Hive and Pig for writing Map Reduce jobs especially when experienced with existing database environments.last_img read more

Sehwag’s uncle commits suicide

first_imgA 72-year-old uncle of cricketer Virender Sehwag allegedly committed suicide in his residence in south-west Delhi, apparently depressed over prolonged illness, police said on Friday.Bhagat Singh was found hanging at his residence in Laxmi Garden in Najafgarh on Tuesday night by his son Lalit Singh, who informed police.His body was taken to Rao Tula Ram Hospital where his post mortem was conducted.Singh, who had kidney-related problems, was apparently depressed over prolonged illness. However, he left no suicide note.He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter.last_img read more

The Ins and Outs of Peer-to-Peer Walks, Rides and Runs

first_imgEditor’s note: Peer-to-peer campaigns have tremendous potential, even outside of an event. As a way to engage your board in fundraising, reach new donors, and extend the life of your annual appeal, the power of peer-to-peer fundraising is a hugely untapped resource right at your fingertips. To learn more, check out: What You Need to Know about Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. For tips on planning a walk-a-thon, 5k, or other participation event, read on.In the late 90s I worked at a leading non-profit that raised more than $50 million from its national walk campaign and more than $80 million from its cycling campaign. I remember sitting in a conference with staff from chapters across the US, brainstorming what would be next… Many believed that walks, runs and rides would run their course; that the market was becoming too saturated with these events and the ‘trend’ would soon die out.Now here we are, well in to the next century, and while revenue of the largest campaigns has slowly declined over the last several years, walks, runs and bike rides still dominate non-profit event fundraising. The 30 largest US peer-to-peer campaigns generated more than $1.52 billion in 2016.* Each year, many non-profits decide to dip their toe into the walk/ride/run fundraising pool for the first time.If you’re considering launching one of these campaigns, or already have one but want to see greater return, here are some key things to keep in mind and some best practices to guide you.The Power of Peer-to-PeerWalk, run and ride events are powerful because – when done correctly – they are far more than a fundraising event. Peer-to-peer campaigns can serve the whole of your mission, lifting up your programs and services as well as funding them.Your participants become your ambassadors. As you educate registrants to be fundraisers, they’re learning more about what you do, how your programs impact your mission, and gaining greater understanding of the impact of your organization. Then they’re sharing that with everyone they ask for a donation, leaving the one asked more informed than they were before.Event day is a tremendous opportunity to inform and engage. The start/finish site should be a platform to share your most important messages; infuse it with rich information about all facets of your organization. Set up an advocacy booth that speaks about your legislative priorities and gets people involved. Man a table signing up volunteers for office projects and other committees. Hand out a services brochure or “upcoming programs” newsletter as people cross the finish line. This may be the largest single gathering all year of people who are connected to and care about your mission. Make it count.Teams build community and camaraderie. It gives people an opportunity to rally together around a person, your cause, and something greater than themselves. Make your team program a priority.Participating empowers those you serve. A patient now has a reason to speak to co-workers, friends and family about their condition in a way that is inspiring and uplifting. Someone who was once homeless or hungry can now share their story of overcoming and give back, inviting others to join them. Participating gives your constituents a new, stronger voice. Key Components You Don’t Want to MissSet a Steady Drumbeat – Your event should be a reflection of your organization. People need to know it’s you, so stick to your core brand and voice. Create a name that builds off of your organization and its mission. Stick with the same colors and fonts. Weave your vision and mission throughout the copy and the execution of the event.Don’t Go It Alone – Recruiting, cultivating and training an active and engaged volunteer committee is no small task, but it is worth all the work. Create simple position descriptions for the various roles a volunteer can fill, so when you find someone who may be interested you can immediately a) let them choose the best position for their interests and skills and b) manage their expectations on what’s involved. Once you have even one volunteer committee member, meet regularly, have an agenda, ask them for a report of progress on their tasks. Act like the committee you want, regardless of the one you have. As your committee grows, it will grow on best practices.Just Because You Built it, They Won’t Automatically Come. Especially when your event is young, media and PR matter. Don’t take it for granted. You will need to develop a solid strategic communication plan that includes tactics to communicate with your list – internal promotion – and helps you reach new people – external PR. Don’t rely on email and Facebook, it won’t be enough. Plan lunch and learn events at local companies where you have a connection. Work with the schools to send home a flyer, recruit teams. Connect with local media – the small local papers – to run feature stories on volunteers or participants from their readership area.Relationships Matter. Personally call and recruit your top performers from last year. Check in on team captains and top fundraisers – phone or email. Even if they don’t answer or reply, your message is a ‘touch’ that lets them know you know who they are.When someone registers for your event, your job with them is not done. Use important tools like email auto-responders to map out ongoing communications of encouragement and support. When a team hits a recruitment number or a fundraiser hits a high level, celebrate on social media with a shout out. Send a ‘final details’ email to build excitement. Post updates on your website and on social media – you just secured some yummy snacks, signed on a new sponsor, hit a new goal. Invite your crowd to celebrate with you.Go Teams! Team programs are critical to long-term success. One good team captain could mean 10 participants and thousands of dollars. Develop specific tactics and tasks that will help you create a team culture and focus a lot of positive energy and effort on the recruitment and cultivation of your teams.It’s A Fundraiser First. From day one, embrace that the walk, ride or run is a fundraiser first and the walking, running or riding is just a means to an end. Your event should still be expertly managed, participants well taken care of, logistics solid, but set the tone from the beginning. Funding your mission is the goal. A really great event that drains resources and pulls focus without raising any real money is counterproductive.Experiences Worth Repeating. Your greatest recruitment tool for next year is this year’s event. Pay attention to the logistics on event day. Registration and check in will be the most insane part of the day – recruit more than enough volunteers, train them well, and ensure they’re having fun. Smooth logistics and happy volunteers make the most lasting impressions on participants. Have a smooth, short and compelling opening ceremony. The finish line isn’t a ‘throw-away.” Make sure the last thing they experience as they head home is engaging, well-managed and fun.It Ain’t Over When It’s Over. There is far more to successfully wrapping up your event than sending one thank you email. Take the time to develop a post-event cultivation plan. DO plan to take care of your key relationships. DON’T roll your event participants into every ask you make all year. Inundating them with endless asks will send them packing.Send top team captains and fundraisers a holiday card, a birthday email. Plan a simple past year celebration/new year kick-off event; recognize all top performers, announce details of the next year’s event. Invite participants to get involved in other programs or send them a brief update telling them about a wonderful recent program they helped fund.Peer-to-Peer fundraising can be a tremendous growth strategy for your organization. Take time to assess whether your organization is ready to invest all it will take to make an event like this work for you. *source: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Thirty surveylast_img read more

Fenerbahce’s Victor Moses: ‘The atmosphere here in Turkey is amazing’

first_imgFenerbahce are in a state of transition under the new director of football, Damien Comolli – who counts Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool on his CV – who is trying to create a younger squad. Moses is still only 28, something many forget considering he made his professional debut aged 16 in 2007. Now he is aiming to be a senior player, proven by him taking the responsibility from the penalty spot, scoring Monday’s winner at Erzurumspor.Despite other offers from around the world, Moses desired a more authentic experience in one of the world’s most fascinating football cultures. “It obviously wasn’t the easiest option to take. I wanted to come here because I just wanted to play football,” Moses explains. “I want to make sure the club is in a better position than when I arrived and that is a huge test of myself as a player, to take them to where they want to be.”Home comforts have aided the adjustment to a new home and lifestyle, as moving abroad mid-season can be a tricky prospect, but Moses himself thinks little has changed. “I am here with my wife and two kids. My kids are going to school here and my wife has settled down. It has made it a lot easier for me to go to work and come home to see the kids, it feels like I am still back in London.” Victor Moses has helped transform the fortunes of Fenerbahce who were in danger of relegation when he joined on loan from Chelsea in January. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images European club football Fenerbahçe Football Reuse this content The Africa Cup of Nations takes place this summer but Moses will not be representing Nigeria, having retired after last year’s World Cup to concentrate on club football. He has already won the biggest prize in Africa and regularly visits the country of his birth, so knows what it would mean if his compatriots can repeat the feat of 2013. “It’s a massive thing to win the African Nations, it will go down in history. It was my first tournament with Nigeria and winning it was a bonus for me, it was a good experience for me.”Rather than a summer of football, it will be one of rest for Moses cheering on his former international teammates, giving him time to reflect on what has brought the biggest change of his professional career. interviews Share on Pinterest Share via Email Share on Facebook Pinterest Twitter Share on LinkedIncenter_img Chelsea Read more “It’s tough, as Chelsea’s a very special place for me and I’ve always had a great relationship with the fans but it became very obvious that I was not in the manager’s plans,” Moses says when we meet in Istanbul. “I have achieved great things there but I just needed to play football and that’s why I got the move to Fenerbahce.”There were offers on the table from numerous clubs, including in China, but the romance of Fenerbahce was an enticing prospect for a player who had previously spent his entire career in England. The 19-times Turkish champions had won three matches out of 18 in the league before Moses arrived on loan for 18 months, leaving them outside the relegation zone only on goal difference.Since landing in Istanbul Moses has played in 13 league games and lost just once, helping Fenerbahce up to eighth and with a fighting chance of Europa League qualification. “When I came here, everyone was a little bit shocked by the position they were in and that was the main reason why I came, as a big club like Fenerbahce should not be in a position like that.”The stands at Premier League grounds can be a sedate environment, so the constant bouncing of the fans in Turkey has taken a little getting used to. “In the stadium the atmosphere is a lot different [to England], it’s unlike anything I have ever experienced in football, every game is a must-win game and they are so passionate as they just want us to win and make everybody happy. It’s not just football, it’s a way of life here.”Few things in football can compare to Istanbul derbies and Moses can now say he has featured in two. Six goals were shared away at Besiktas, while a 10-man Fenerbahce came back to draw against eventual champions Galatasaray, games that will live on in his memory.“It’s a massive experience, playing against Galatasaray and Besiktas, you can feel the atmosphere, it feels like the stadium is going to fall down due to the fans singing and bouncing. The atmosphere is amazing, you can easily tell the passion they’ve got for football here is crazy. They just love football and want the team to win, that’s why they support the team.” Share on Twitter Topics Read more Facebook Share on WhatsApp Moving abroad was not always part of the plan for Victor Moses but after being left out in the cold by Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea, the forward is enjoying the heat of the action at Fenerbahce. By his own admission he could have taken easier options when deciding where to move in January but the challenge of bringing one of Turkey’s bigger clubs out of a relegation battle was appealing.Sarri’s summer arrival at Chelsea brought a change in system, with Moses being a victim of the adjustments. The Nigerian enjoyed a Stamford Bridge renaissance under Antonio Conte after a stuttering spell in west London in which he went out on loan three times before becoming a key component of the title-winning squad of 2016-17. However, he managed only five appearances under Sarri, forcing him to look elsewhere. Christian Pulisic: ‘There’s a champion mentality at Chelsea’ Share on Messenger If my Chelsea future hinges on winning final, sack me now, says Maurizio Sarrilast_img read more

NSWTA Position Vacant – State Development Officer

first_imgNew South Wales Touch Football currently has a vacancy for a State Development Officer and is now accepting applications which will close on Monday, 24 December.The position of State Development Officer is responsible for the management and delivery of the New South Wales Touch Association development and education programs for playing, coaching, refereeing and selecting throughout the state.The Development Officer also assists associations in the development of the sport of Touch, working with the Sport Manager, Development Manager, Events Manager, NSWTA State Development Officers and Regional Committees, to maximise opportunities for Touch to be a first choice sport among current and perspective participants. The position has a focus towards an important role in increasing both the quality and quantity of coaches, referees, selectors, administrators and players of all ages as well the quality of domestic competitions. The Development Officer will have involvement from grassroots to elite level. This current role will have a strong focus in the North West New South Wales, Sydney South West, Upper Hunter and Southern Highlands areas of New South Wales and will be responsible for the delivery of the sport within those boundaries.For more information about this position please click on the following link: http://www.nswtouch.com.au/index.php?id=1175 Related LinksNSWTA Career Opportunitylast_img read more

Photo: Former Kentucky G James Young Is Wearing The “Succeed and Proceed” Tee At Celtics’ Practice

first_imgA closeup of a Nike basketball with Kentucky's logo on it.LEXINGTON, KY – NOVEMBER 09: A basketball with a Kentucky Wildcats logo sits on the floor during the game against the Georgetown College Tigers at Rupp Arena on November 9, 2014 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)James Young took John Calipari’s “succeed and proceed” mantra to heart, as the talented guard spent one season at Kentucky before leaving for the NBA. The 6-foot-6, 215-pound shooting guard went No. 17 to the Boston Celtics in the 2014 NBA Draft. So it makes sense that Young, who averaged 14.3 points a game for the Wildcats in 2013-14, would sport one of Kentucky’s famed T-shirts. Here’s the shooting guard wearing a Kentucky “Succeed And Proceed” tee at a Celtics’ practice. James Young sporting the UK “Succeed and Proceed” at Celtics practice… pic.twitter.com/HZ91BNvwdO— Adam Himmelsbach (@AdamHimmelsbach) April 22, 2015Young’s team, the Celtics, could stand to do some more succeeding in the NBA Playoffs. Boston currently trails Cleveland, 2-0, in the first round.last_img read more

Feel Good Friday: Levi’s EKOCYCLE

first_imgThere are all sorts of denim heads out there but musician and producer will.i.am is taking his love of the jean to another level with his movement, EKOCYCLE.Together with Coca-Cola, will.i.am and EKOCYCLE have joined efforts to launch this brand initiative to motivate companies and people to live more sustainably (and make it sound really cool to do so). EKOCYCLE helps identify products such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans that can be recycled into fashionable and valuable lifestyle products. Previously Adidas, the NBA, Beats by Dr. Dre and New Era have worked with the organization.Recently EKOCYCLE paired up with Levi’s to launch a limited edition 501Ⓡ Waste read more

Educator Receives PM’s Medal for Nearly 40 Years of Service

first_img After almost four decades in the teaching profession, Vice-Principal of Calabar Infant, Primary and Junior High School, Claudine Evette Bowen, has been awarded the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Service to Education (PMMA). Story Highlights After almost four decades in the teaching profession, Vice-Principal of Calabar Infant, Primary and Junior High School, Claudine Evette Bowen, has been awarded the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Service to Education (PMMA).“I had no idea that I would have been given this prestigious honour. However, on May 28 when someone at the school told me that a lady from the OPM (Office of the Prime Minister) had called asking where I first taught, I started to wonder,” Mrs. Bowen tells JIS News.“When I finally received the confirmation, I screamed,” she recalls with a broad smile.“My visit to Jamaica House for the rehearsal was my first. I have seen the Prime Minister, but we have never interacted,” she says, noting that she was pleased to receive the Medal from him.Mrs. Bowen began her career on April 1, 1979 at Grateful Hill Primary in Glengoffe, St. Catherine, as a pretrained teacher and steadily worked her way up the ranks of pedagogy from senior teacher to grade coordinator to her current position.“I don’t see the work as difficult. For me, it’s more like a marriage. At times, teeth and tongue will meet, but that’s a part of the package,” says Mrs. Bowen to JIS News. “Moreover, I believe I was called to the vocation,” she asserts.Taking care of the whole child is key, hence Mrs. Bowen finds ways to assist students with their various needs and inspire them to do well in school.A ‘high performance’ cabinet, built by a parent, is used in motivating students to excel. The cabinet showcases the names of students averaging over 80 per cent in their subjects.The students are enthusiastic when they see their names placed in the cabinet and other students are inspired to work hard to get their names there as well,” states Mrs. Bowen.“Concomitantly, it motivates those who have achieved cabinet status to strive even more to retain their position,” she underscores.Another source of pride for students is the Vice-Principal Award for the Top Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) Boy and Girl. “The award is given to these two pupils at the end of the academic year,” shares the PMMA recipient.The multifaceted educator is not just concerned with her students but also about the facility.With a love for construction, which she developed from remodelling her own house, she spearheaded the refurbishing of the office that serves her and a senior Vice-Principal, and the Bursar’s office, with help from donors such as Wisynco Trading and Mother’s.The PMMA award recipient prefers to stay away from the limelight, but this has proven to be a difficult task.She notes that a justice of the peace (JP) recently visited her with the newspaper listing of the honourees.“He said to me: ‘A just come fi see if a really your name inna di paper,’. He hugged and congratulated me and left the newspaper at the house,” recounts Mrs. Bowen.“As for my husband, he says I am a pusher, so he is not surprised,” she adds.The distinguished teacher will be going off on retirement in a year. However, she has no plans to stop serving her country.“I will still be around. I will now have more time to devote to being a JP and Lay Magistrate, board and committee member and deaconess. Moreover, I will be launching my own company,” the Vice-Principal says. “When I finally received the confirmation, I screamed,” she recalls with a broad smile. “I had no idea that I would have been given this prestigious honour. However, on May 28 when someone at the school told me that a lady from the OPM (Office of the Prime Minister) had called asking where I first taught, I started to wonder,” Mrs. Bowen tells JIS News. last_img read more


first_imgWorld Maritime News Staff, September 16, 2014 zoom South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has secured orders for two 84,000-cubic-meter very large gas carriers (VLGCs) from an Asian client. The price tag of the two vessels, to be built at Okpo yard, stands at a total of USD 160 million. The delivery of the vessels is slated for 2017. DSME has booked 12 VLGC orders this year alone. DSME has seen a healthy order intake over the previous period, putting DSME’s 2014 secured orders value at approximately 5.8 billion USD.Only in July,  DSME inked new orders for nine Arc 7 icebreaking LNG carriers.DSME received six LNG carrier orders from Teekay & CLNG, a joint venture between Canada’s Teekay and China’s CLNG, and the remaining three orders are with MOL & CSLNG, a joint venture between Japan’s MOL and China’s CSLNG.last_img read more

Loonie at highest level in more than 2 years TSX down after

TORONTO — The loonie closed at its highest level in more than two years as Toronto’s main stock index fell after the Bank of Canada raised its interest rate for the second time in less than two months.Wednesday’s surprise hike of the central bank’s overnight lending rate to 1.0 per cent comes less than a week after the latest data for economic growth showed an impressive expansion of 4.5 per cent for Canada in the second quarter.The Canadian dollar soared on the news of the rate announcement, moving up 0.71 cents U.S. to an average trading price of 81.54 cents US.It’s the first time the loonie has closed above 81 cents US since June 26, 2015.Analysts widely anticipated a second rate hike in the coming months, but the timing of Wednesday’s move came sooner than most had predicted — most experts had expected the bank to wait until its next scheduled rate announcement in late October.On Bay Street, the Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index turned negative as investors pared gains in a broad-based decline that saw most sectors finish in the red.The commodity-heavy TSX dropped a moderate 30.32 points to 15,059.83, but it had been positive before the Bank of Canada’s 10 a.m. ET rate announcement.“A stronger loonie for many companies is actually a negative. I think we’ve seen that play out in the markets today,” said Allan Small, a senior investment adviser at Holliswealth.“Our country is an exporter. We export about 75 per cent or so, maybe a little more, to the United States of what we pull out of the ground or grow here. So a stronger Canadian dollar does not bode well for our companies that export to the U.S. as well as some of our companies that are multinational.”South of the border, U.S. stocks recovered some of the market’s hefty losses from the day before after swelling tensions between the United States and North Korea contributed to major sell-offs.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average climbed 54.33 points to 21,807.64, the S&P 500 index added 7.69 points to 2,465.54, and the Nasdaq composite index advanced 17.74 to 6,393.31.Energy companies led gainers on Wall Street, climbing as the October crude contract rose 50 cents to US$49.16 per barrel.That marks the fourth trading day in a row in which oil prices have bounced back from levels that were depressed in the wake of Hurricane Harvey earlier last week.Elsewhere in commodities, the December gold contract lost $5.50 at $1,339.00 an ounce, the October natural gas contract gained three cents to US$3.00 per mmBTU, and the December copper contract increased two cents to US$3.15 a pound.Follow @DaveHTO on Twitter. read more

DR Congo Security Council renews sanctions extends mandate of expert monitoring group

Unanimously adopting a new resolution, the 15-member Council renewed until 1 July 2016 the arms embargo and related sanctions imposed on the DRC, as well as, until 1 August 2016, the mandate of the Group of Experts monitoring the implementation of those measures. Council members also noted with great concern that the 2 January deadline set by the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has passed, and that the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) has “not only failed to unconditionally and fully surrender and demobilize, but has also continued to recruit new fighters in their ranks.” The Security Council further defined the criteria for the application of targeted travel and financial measures, deciding to review them no later than 1 July 2016, with a view to adjusting them as appropriate. Strongly condemning all armed groups operating in the region, the Council demanded, by the text, that the FDLR, Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and all other armed groups immediately cease all violence, “lay down their arms,” and to demobilize children from their ranks.By other terms, the resolution called on all States, especially those in the region, to take steps to ensure there was no support within or from their territories for armed groups in eastern DRC. It demanded that the Congolese Government, per its commitments contained in the 12 December 2013 Nairobi Declarations, accelerate implementation of its disarmament demobilization and reintegration programme. Additionally, the Council stressed the importance of the Government of the DRC to hold accountable those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the country, including through its cooperation with the International Criminal Court. read more

Ohio State moving on from loss to Michigan State set to do

Senior guard Aaron Craft looks to make a pass during a game against American Nov. 20 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 63-52.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorWhen the Ohio State Buckeyes take the court against Iowa, they will have a feeling with them that they have not been accustomed to so far this season: playing after a loss.No. 3 OSU (15-1, 2-1) fell Tuesday in East Lansing, Mich., at the hands of the No. 5 Michigan State Spartans, 72-68, in overtime despite storming back from a 17-point deficit in just more than seven minutes to tie the game.“There’s a lot of things that we did well in that game, and there’s some things (like) taking care of the basketball, execution (that) weren’t what they needed to be,” OSU coach Thad Matta said Friday. “Those things have been and will be continued to be pointed out. As I’ve always said in this league, you get knocked down and you gotta get up and you gotta get ready to fight again.”Matta and company are looking to put the loss to the Spartans out of their minds as they prepare to host No. 20 Iowa (13-3, 2-1) at 1:30 p.m. Sunday. The Hawkeyes are fresh off a 93-67 victory against Northwestern Thursday.The last time OSU lost two games in a row was in February last year, when the Buckeyes fell in another overtime game at then-No. 3 Michigan Feb. 5, then came home and lost to then-No. 1 Indiana Feb. 10.Matta made sure his players knew about it so as to not let it happen again.“That’s something that we addressed in terms of an overtime loss on the road, you’re coming home and things don’t get solved just because you’re in your own building,” Matta said. “You’ve got to man up and you gotta go back out and play again.”The turnover bug bit OSU against the Spartans, when the Buckeyes committed an uncharacteristic 21 turnovers, 10 higher than their season average.“Each possession is important,” senior guard Aaron Craft said. “Valuing possessions, valuing the ball — 21 turnovers is way too many in a game of that caliber against a great team. We can come up with excuses all we want but that’s on us as players to take ownership of what are roles are each and every play and find a way to get it done.”In Craft’s opinion, OSU really hasn’t accomplished much yet despite going unbeaten in the non-conference season. Things now are different.“We had a great conference schedule and we won all those games and that’s great but once you get in league play, everyone starts at a level playing field,” Craft said.OSU nearly stole the game against the Spartans in regulation, as junior guard Shannon Scott snatched the ball from MSU senior guard Keith Appling as the clock wound down in hopes of getting the go-ahead score before the buzzer. Scott missed the layup, but he isn’t hanging his head over the failed opportunity to win the game for his team.“I’m not trying to really hang on anything right now, I know I was glad we didn’t give them a chance to win at the end of the game,” Scott said Friday. “I still want to finish that ball but I’m not going to keep my head down because I didn’t make that play at that time.”No matter the loss, the Buckeyes have to move on, Craft said, and not be satisfied with how many games they have won so far this year.“We can’t feel sorry for ourselves … sure, we found a way to get back in at the end and it’s great and all that but we have to find ways to get better. Complacency is our biggest enemy at this moment,” Craft said. “We can feel good about coming back in the game and not want to get better and think everything’s gonna be all right and that’s not the case.” read more

Les EtatsUnis demandent lextradition de Kim Dotcom

first_imgLes Etats-Unis demandent l’extradition de Kim DotcomLa justice américaine a officiellement déposé sa demande d’extradition pour Kim Dotcom et trois de ses comparses, actuellement en liberté surveillée en Nouvelle-Zélande.Cette fois, la machine judiciaire est lancée et rien ne pourra plus l’arrêter. Les États-Unis ont, en effet, demandé officiellement l’extradition de Kim Dotcom et de trois de ses comparses, Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann et Bram van der Kolk, arrêtés le 19 janvier dernier à Auckland. Libérés par le paiement de leur caution, ils vont voir leur sort décidé par la justice néo-zélandaise le 20 août prochain.Le fondateur de MegaUpload et ses trois collaborateurs risquent gros s’ils sont effectivement extradés vers le pays de l’Oncle Sam puisqu’ils sont l’objet de nombreux chefs d’accusation comme le racket, l’infraction aux droits d’auteur ou encore le blanchiment d’argent. Des accusations qui pourraient leur coûter 50 ans de prison. Le 6 mars 2012 à 18:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Kepler étudie les éruptions stellaires

first_imgKepler étudie les éruptions stellairesLe télescope spatial américain Kepler a fourni une image d’une explosion stellaire colossale capable d’affecter directement plusieurs étoiles.A la manière des éruptions solaires, les étoiles sont parfois capables de relâcher de fantastiques quantités d’énergie magnétique, de véritables « super-éruptions ». A dire vrai, ces éruptions sont jusqu’à 10.000 fois supérieures à celle que notre Soleil est capable de rejeter révèle une étude parue avant-hier dans la revue Nature. Ainsi, l’énergie libérée peut atteindre les 1025 joules soit dix milliards de milliards de fois l’équivalent du bombardement d’Hiroshima, indiquent les chercheurs japonais de l’université de Kyoto.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Grâce au télescope spatial Kepler qui est capable de détecter les exoplanètes, les scientifiques ont pu étudier près de 83 000 astres entre avril et décembre 2009. Ils ont ainsi pu assister à 365 super-éruptions qui ont eu lieu à la surface de 148 de ces étoiles.Ces observations ont permis de conclure que les étoiles qui tournent lentement sur elles-mêmes sont à l’origine de moins de super-éruptions (101 phénomènes observés) que celles qui tournent plus rapidement (dix jours contre 27 pour le Soleil), rapporte lemonde.fr. Par ailleurs, ces dernières, souvent plus jeunes, présentent une très importante activité magnétique à leur surface, ce qui ne permet toutefois pas d’expliquer l’origine de ces super-éruptions.Le 18 mai 2012 à 18:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Suspected Vancouver bank robber, ‘Sporty Spice bandit’, in court

first_imgProsecutors say that an alleged Vancouver bank robber — suspected by authorities as being Oregon’s “Sporty Spice bandit” — could spend the rest of his life in prison.Under the state’s three-strikes law, offenders convicted three times of certain violent and sexual felonies receive mandatory life sentences.Andrew Lee Lehr, 47, of Aurora, Ore., appeared Thursday in Clark County Superior Court on suspicion of first-degree robbery, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, attempting to elude and first-degree malicious mischief.Senior Deputy Prosecutor Kasey Vu said that all of the alleged crimes stem from Tuesday’s spree that started at a Vancouver Wells Fargo bank branch. Authorities said Lehr robbed the bank at gunpoint, then led police on a high-speed chase, at times reaching speeds of 100 mph. They also allege that he intentionally rammed into another vehicle during the chase, which ended when Lehr lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a fiber optic box owned by CenturyLink. The damage to the property totaled about $300,000, Vu said.last_img read more

Official Leeds United wish Balboa good luck as he completes a

first_imgLeeds United forward Adrian Balboa has finished the signing of a loan deal that will move him to Spanish side Terrassa FC, according to the club’s website.The forward will now have to spend the rest of the 2018/19 campaign with the Tercera División side. He was always in for Carlos Corberan’s Under-23s side last season as he will now look to gain valuable first-team experience.Solskjaer reveals he plans to build his team around Pogba Manuel R. Medina – July 17, 2019 The Manchester United manager wants to end the speculation that the Frenchman is leaving the Red Devils.The 20-year-old striker arrived at Elland Road amid plenty of excitement last summer. He had previously been playing for the Barcelona-based outfit U.D. Unificacion Bellvitge and outscored every other player in his age group, according to Sport. Balboa, however, couldn’t make a first-team appearance for Leeds with his game time restricted to the U23s.Plenty of Leeds supporters could be disappointed to see the highly-rated Balboa leave before they were ever given the chance to watch him in action.last_img read more

Nemanja Matic suffers a longterm injury blow at Man United

first_imgCaretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirmed that Nemanja Matic is out of today’s clash with Liverpool in the Premier League and will likely be sidelined for “a couple of weeks”.The 30-year-old midfielder has featured in 12 of Solskjaer’s 13 games in charge of Manchester United and will surely be missed in their big clash with rivals Liverpool at Old Trafford.Taking Matic’s place in the midfield is Scott McTominay after the Serbian was forced to withdraw due to an injury he sustained in training during the week.“He [Matic] got injured during one of the training sessions a few days ago,” Solskjaer told MUTV.”We tried to get him fit for the game but it was not to be. He will probably be out for a couple of weeks, but we will manage without him.”We tried to get him fit for the game but it was not to be. He will probably be out for a couple of weeks, but we will manage without him.“Scott has played in these games before. He is an Academy kid who knows the importance of this game. He has got some of the same attributes that Nemanja has, so I am sure he will slot in there and do well.”Matic was signed from Chelsea in 2017 by Jose Mourinho and has been an ever-present figure in the United line-up ever since.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.But now Matic could be absent for United’s Premier League games against Crystal Palace and Southampton this week along with the return leg of their last-16 Champions League clash at Paris Saint-Germain on March 6, where Solskjaer’s side must overturn a 2-0 aggregate deficit.Although former assistant coach Rene Meulensteen recently spoke out against the Serbian by claiming that he’s too slow to be a decent midfield partner for Paul Pogba.Meanwhile, David de Gea has replaced Sergio Romero in goal for United’s game today against Liverpool.Team-Line UpsManchester United: De Gea, Young (captain), Smalling, Lindelof, Shaw, Herrera, McTominay, Pogba, Mata, Lukaku, Rashford.Subs: Romero, Bailly, Alexis, Lingard, A. Pereira, Fred, Dalot.Liverpool: Alisson, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson, Milner, Wijnaldum, Henderson (captain), Fabinho, Mane, Salah, Firmino.Subs: Mignolet, Alexander-Arnold, Keita, Lallana, Shaqiri, Sturridge, Origi.last_img read more

Roberts Stabenow Announce Hearing on USDA Nominees

first_imgU.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., announced the Committee will hold a hearing to consider two nominations within the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Tuesday, Sept. 19. The nominations include American Soybean Association (ASA) CEO Steve Censky, to be deputy secretary of agriculture, and also Ted McKinney to be under secretary of agriculture for trade and foreign agricultural affairs.last_img read more

WISHH Protein Workshop Participants Predict Increased Trade with US

first_imgSchool meal leaders responsible for planning meals for at least 3.8 million children in Africa and Central America connect with U.S. soy industry exporters.Participants in ASA/WISHH’s Affordable Protein Supply: Solving the Institutional Meals Puzzle Workshop foresee increased trade with the United States as a result of WISHH’s event. WISHH convened the Indiana Soybean Alliance-supported Workshop at Purdue University in August and participant survey results are in, showing potential for increased inclusion of U.S. soy in institutional meals abroad. The Workshop attracted African and Central American food companies, government officials and nongovernmental organizations, including participants of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Cochran Fellowship Program. Collectively, these school meal leaders are responsible for planning meals for at least 3.8 million children.Attendees reported the training facilitated beneficial connections to a wide array of experts in nutrition, food technology, biotechnology, school meals, and U.S. farmers.  According to survey responses, 96 percent of attendees reported learning new information about soy processing and its applications in the food industry; 62 percent are committed to further research and development related to the inclusion of soy as an ingredient in their product lines; and 100 percent of participants believe that soy is a quality protein product that can help deliver much-needed nutrition to consumers.ASA/WISHH staff continues to work with workshop participants to assist them in incorporating U.S. soy into their programs and company plans.In addition to the Indiana Soybean Alliance, Workshop sponsors included DuPont Nutrition & Health, Insta-Pro International, U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance, and Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.last_img read more

Vouchers will help homeless veterans

first_imgAn additional 30 homeless veterans in the Vancouver area will get housing over the next year through a federal program.“This is really good news,” said Sasha Nichelson, program director with the Vancouver Housing Authority.The VHA will receive $155,347 to provide housing vouchers through funding announced Wednesday.The agency will work with the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center, through its Vancouver VA campus, in administering the program.Veterans Affairs officials provide case management and supportive services.Each voucher “represents a year’s rent for someone who has sacrificed for our nation but is now struggling to find housing,” Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said in a news release announcing the funding.The 30 additional vouchers will expand a program that currently enables 70 veterans to find housing in the Vancouver rental market.The VHA and Veterans Affairs also team up to house 30 other local veterans at a residential site on the Vancouver VA campus.The Vancouver Housing Authority’s expanded voucher program is a result of the 2012 “point in time” estimate of homeless people, Nichelson said.The increase also reflects “how well we have utilized our previous vouchers,” Nichelson said. “We were able to lease them up quickly, and keep them leased.”Participating vets who rent privately owned housing through the voucher program generally contribute no more than 30 percent of their income toward rent.The homeless veterans include men and women; some are single, and others have families.The VA is the starting point for the housing program. VA officials meet with homeless veterans, then refer them — based on a variety of criteria — to the housing authority. The VA also helps the veterans through the voucher process, and assists in the transition when they’ve moved in.Representatives of the two agencies were scheduled to meet today to discuss implementing the expanded program, Nichelson said.Increasing the tenant program from 70 veterans to 100 shouldn’t require much of a ramp-up, she said.“We’re continually moving people in,” she said. “People leave, so it’s a continual process.”The local vouchers are part of $75 million in funding for the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program.According to the January 2012 “point in time” survey, there were 62,619 homeless veterans in the U.S.; it marked a 7.2 percent decrease — 4,876 fewer homeless vets — since the January 2011 survey.Tom Vogt: 360-735-4558; http://www.twitter.com/col_history; tom.vogt@columbian.comlast_img read more