360 search enabled so贵族宝贝 domain will push the search platform

360 search business officially launched in August 16th, according to the third party monitoring agency Hitwise data, just 6 days time, 360 search Chinese has occupied 10% share of the search market, become second only to the second largest source of search traffic to love Shanghai.

Qi Xiangdong said, Google, love Shanghai search engine is mainly based on link analysis algorithm, and the 360 search is the use of machine learning and PeopleRank algorithm of the original algorithm in order to emphasize the importance of the people. In addition, the 360 also launched the "thumb", placed in the browser recommendation button, allowing users to become participants in the sorting of search results. read more

Easy language of love cycle and Countermeasures of sea

according to this word, are often non pan specific words, and the user’s needs are also all sorts of strange things, the word search volume every day nearly tens of thousands, and the conversion rate is very low, while the bidding cost is also very high, whether it is to do the bidding or do in nature, if it is a new website for the current market, neither has the reference intensity, and the optimization cycle of expertise, uncountable years to arrive, let alone what cycle. And at the home for a large portal, love Shanghai products, sub section pages, news page etc.. read more

According to the Qihoo 360 of Shanghai dragon optimization ranking say what

2. submit 360 search engine login entrance the author has done experiments, at the same time submit noble baby, love Shanghai, 360, Bing (will be), immediate, Sogou, soso and other major search engine rankings included and good order of the noble baby, 360, Sogou, soso, Bing, love Shanghai, immediately. Love is Shanghai 3 days before being included in the other.

data traffic statistics agency CNZZ released:


here we first look at a set of data, is to understand why we have to study 360 search engine optimization objective, which is why the author write this article. read more

Failure! can’t find my own published articlesEntrepreneurs said find a partner is harder than look

earning large quantities of gold each day

at home, because of policy support and business demand for related services on the rise, the cloud industry has shown a strong vitality. Domestic emerging cloud service providers, multi backup just get IDG lead vote, geeks help with the cast of tens of millions of angel round of investment which is the official official announcement of financing for the first time. Seven South Road with multiple backup co-founder & CEO; Hu Maohua, in a number of large companies served as executives of how he entered into the business field of cloud services? What is the most difficult problem in the process of starting backup? How to survive in the Ali cloud cloud giant Tencent in the space and the development of read more

The mobile nternet search engine is not like the reason behind

in the mobile internet terminal will make search engines so unpopular? You know the PC internet terminal, search engine has become an important entrance of the user, and the mobile internet terminal, has not become the entrance, but not essential supporting role, the emergence of such a huge contrast, the the reasons are as follows:

third, the search engine results relative to garbage, service is relatively low. We open the browser through the intelligent mobile phone platform, and the corresponding search activities, although the content is very rich, but behind these contents are there are a lot of advertising, and these ads often make the user accidentally in the mobile phone installed on a variety of. read more

The website should first optimize home page or page optimization

optimization page or page optimization, this problem should start from the key, we know that a site has three keywords, respectively is the brand word (site name), core words (unique), the main keywords (words, common words, industry) of long tail keywords.

for website optimization we compare Care >

According to the

brand word because it is their website name, because the core word is their unique product or service, this kind of competition is relatively small but very important, generally set up in the home, the optimization basically is not difficult, as long as the good keywords layout, under normal circumstances a month can be optimized. read more

The new era of communication Shanghai dragon how to face the challenges

recently, WPP’s media buying agency GroupM to rise again this year’s global market share of online advertising is expected to. Before the Agency predicted that the 2011 year of this type of advertising will account for the world’s total advertising spending 17%, compared to last year’s December forecast of 16%, increased by one percentage point.


search operators can accelerate the upgrading and integration speed. Following the 2009 Internet advertising and YAHOO reached a cooperation agreement, in July 5th this year, Microsoft will be with the China search giant – love Shanghai officially became a partner in the English search. All this, in order to long-term dominance of Google suffered more and more severe challenges. read more

The keywords ranking solution after the disappearance


site optimization: because the website operation time is not long, so the site is not too big change, so the structure is only slightly optimization, and the modified

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for webmasters, keywords ranking disappear is not an unusual thing, a lot of people in the imperceptibly let your website main keywords from the search engine it disappeared from the search engine is full of hostility, and not to take the initiative to study the main key words ranking below from the why will disappear! My own experience tell us about how I saved a website main keywords disappear! read more

This article you know Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon cheats trick

some time ago, a Shanghai dragon consultant client suddenly sent a message, asking A5 marketing information: "our company’s website of Shanghai Longfeng consultant in you also had a period of time, the optimization effect is very good after consulting, plus you visit the company training guide. Site traffic is very high and stable. One point: Although our boss is very pleased with the website optimization, but the boss still want to continue to enhance the website. I would like to ask: Shanghai dragon what other cheats or trick? "See the text after the customer, we laugh, really feel their boss is a bit greedy and dissatisfied website weights of 7, do not meet. Indeed, in this industry there is no so-called Shanghai dragon. Our A5 marketing contact Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should be more, at the same time to the customer to do when Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and consultant also contact with a lot of big and small Shanghai Phoenix project. So, Shanghai dragon. There is no such thing, if one day you see on the Internet who sold in Shanghai dragon cheats, or provide absolute invincible Shanghai dragon training, if you buy or go to it, you will be disappointed to estimate. Why? You know read more

Of the third major domestic search engine Sogou

as the recently published Chinese search engine market share in the second quarter of 2011 survey shows, Sogou up a small part of Google and love in Shanghai China search engine market share. At the same time also shows Sogou officially overtook Tencent SOSO China became the third largest search engine in China, second only to love Shanghai and Google. Research Report as China market research company iResearch, China in the search engine in the second season, up to 7 billion 300 million times the number of search. Sogou accounts for 293 million. read more